Julie is an editor extraordinaire! She was my editor on five of my published books and her insights are absolutely invaluable. Not only can she improve your story or manuscript, she has the innate ability to zoom in on the vision of the story, ask the questions you never thought to ask, and make you a better writer in the process.

—Aaron Reynolds, author of 2013 Caldecott Honor book Creepy Carrots!

I offer a range of editorial services for authors and illustrators with different budgets and levels of experience. We will work together to determine the best option for your particular needs and goals. Click here to learn about how to submit your work.


If you would like to discuss general questions about publishing, children’s books, or career development, a consultation is a great choice. We can talk on the phone or meet in person if you live in the Bay Area. You will find the consultation especially helpful if you are just getting started and want to learn about the basics of writing and publishing for children. A consultation can also be useful if you are at a turning point in your career and want to solicit advice on choosing an agent, writing in a new genre, or what it is like to work with an editor.

$150 per hour

Assessment Edit

If you are looking for a professional review of your work, but aren’t ready for a substantive edit, I offer this assessment option. This is a smart choice if you want to find out if your concept is worth developing, if the narrative arc works, and if your characters hold up. You will receive a constructive evaluation letter, approximately two to four pages in length, noting the strengths and weaknesses of your concept, characters, voice, style, and plot. I will give you an honest opinion on how this project fits in the current marketplace. I suggest this option as the first step in the editorial process if you have not had a complete edit before.

Prices from $300 and up

Substantive Edit

If you have experience receiving feedback and are prepared to devote significant time getting your book ready for acquisition or publication, then the substantive edit is right for you. This service includes two 30-minute phone consultations­­—one in the early stages to discuss your vision and one after the project to follow up with questions or concerns. You will receive a four to eight page editorial letter evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your concept in depth, and assessing characters, voice, pacing, and plot. I will ask challenging questions to help you develop problem areas, offer suggestions for revision, and give an honest opinion on how this project fits in the current marketplace. I will include manuscript notes and edits on your picture book and line edit the first twenty pages of your novel, then scan and send them to you as a pdf via email.

Prices from $400 and up 


If none of these options seem quite right for you, I can develop a unique package tailored specifically to your needs. Need encouragement and accountability to help you finish the first draft of a novel? Want to polish that picture book manuscript until it glows? Looking for a mentor who can cheer you on through thick and thin? Contact me to learn more and craft your custom editorial package.

Bonus Services

If you would like to get a more thorough review, consider adding these bonus services:

Cover letter, query letter, or synopsis review

Ten pages of intensive line editing for novels

Discounted revision evaluation