Creative, collaborative, and constructive

feedback for emerging writers and illustrators.


Does this sound familiar?

  I want to get my children’s book published, but have no idea where to start.

  I’m not sure whether my concept is worth developing.

  An agent/editor just sent me an encouraging note and asked for a revision, but I feel overwhelmed. 

  Ten-page critiques aren’t enough anymore. What I really want is feedback on my manuscript as a whole.

  I’ve done fifteen revisions of this story. Isn’t it ready already?

  My writer’s group needs some inspiration to help them reach the next level. 

  As a busy publisher, I need outside help to get this project finalized on time for next season. 

  My agency is thriving but I just don’t have time to develop the new talent I have waiting in the wings. 


As an experienced children’s book editor, I can help!

Hiring a freelance editor may be just what you need to reach the next step in your career as a children’s book author or illustrator or to keep your business growing. But am I the right editor for you? I believe that just like when shopping for jeans, a good fit is essential—and sometimes hard to find. If my outlook matches up with your body of work, then please contact me to talk more!